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3 Simple Steps to Healthier Sleep

Led by: Stasha Gominak, MD

New brain science discoveries show that sleep is entrained to our planet’s annual cycle by sunlight producing vitamin D on our skin, allowing us to sleep longer and gain weight in winter. Avoiding the sun has left us with a global epidemic of sleep disorders and a changed microbiome that are both linked to our failing health. Learn how to use this new information to help all of your patients sleep better.


– Recognize that sleep disorders and chronic illness have become pandemic in last 40 years due to behavioral changes that produce vitamin D deficiency.

– Recognize that illness and pain may occur from inadequate repair during sleep.

– Acknowledge vitamin D as a hormone that is linked to the brainstem control of sleep.

– Be able to summarize how D deficiency leads to B deficiency.

– Demonstrate how to return the microbiome to normal using vitamin D and B’s.