Jen Uschold, PT, CFMT, TPS, NBC-HWC - Align Conference


Jen Uschold, PT, CFMT, TPS, NBC-HWC

Jen has been an active clinician for almost 30 years. Teaching has been an integral part of her career for the past 20 years. She is excited to be the Program Director for The Lifestyle Medicine Certification program for EIM. Pain Science is another area of focus as Jen is on faculty for the Therapeutic Neuroscience Education course and completed the second cohort of EIM’s Pain Science Fellowship July 2020. She has participated with the Middle School Pain Science studies. She has a small cash based practice in Alexandria Virginia where Health and Wellness coaching is a component of PT sessions.  Prior to Virginia, Jen has practice in Indiana, Maine, Pennsylvania, and was a traveling PT.  

Outside of PT, she is a passionate Mom to 3 growing kids. She loves to cook, make crazy birthday cakes, exercise and have amazing conversations with anyone willing to join in! 

Current Roles: 

  • Owner of 180 Therapy and Wellness in Alexandria, VA 
  • Program Director EIM Lifestyle Medicine Certification program 
  • Faculty for EIM Therapeutic Neuroscience Education online course 

Areas of Interest: 

  • Health and Wellness merging with Pain Science 
  • Power of Lifestyle Medicine 
  • Impact of sleep across the ages both physical and mental perspective 
  • Teaching students and students athletes Pain Science to impact pain on future generations